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South Mason Fire & Rescue responds to over 1,700 calls for service each year, and is able to do so with a team made up of dedicated Volunteers, and 24/7 paid staff. We are always looking for driven individuals who wish to serve their community and make a difference in the lives of others. Volunteering is not only a way to give back to your community, it can also be a pathway to a career in the Fire Service
Becoming a Volunteer Firefighter is challenging and requires a commitment to training and service to your community. This process begins with a brief orientation process. Afterwards, our Volunteers are required to maintain a minimum of 48 shift hours per month. Volunteers will be trained in Hazardous Materials Response, Structural Firefighting, Emergency Medical Services, Wildland Firefighting and Emergency Vehicle Operations. This initial training includes hundreds of hours of classroom and practical hands-on training. Volunteer Firefighters are expected to constantly train throughout the year to maintain a high level of service delivery to the public. There is also a wide variety of additional educational pathways to pursue in the fire service, from Classroom Instruction, Building Inspection, Public Education, Technical Rescue, Fire Investigation, and many more. 

South Mason Fire & Rescue provides Basic Life Support EMS, as well as Fire and Rescue services. As a Volunteer you can expect to respond to various kinds of emergencies, ranging from medical calls, motor vehicle accidents, building fires, brush fires, hazardous materials incidents, or complex technical rescues. 

If you would like to learn more about how you can make a difference in your community, call (360) 426-7222, or download an application and drop it off at our office during business hours. 


After you apply

  • Within 48-72 hours the Fire Chief will contact you to schedule an initial meeting to discuss expectations, fire district operations, how volunteers fit into the organization, fire district organizational structure, etc

  • Review of first year expectations including probationary taskbook, shift requirements, fire and EMT academy attendance, discussion of BVFF (Board of Volunteer Firefighters) benefits, and ride time process

  • Ride time scheduling and signing of liability waiver, emergency contact paperwork

  • 2 hours of ride time on each of our 3 shifts to meet the crews and experience daily operations, confirmation that you are ready to join South Mason Fire & Rescue as a volunteer firefighter

  • Following ride time, the Assistant Chief will contact you for on-boarding to include any required documentation as well as uniform and equipment issuance


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