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Flooding, earthquakes, windstorms, landslides and wildfires are just some of the natural disasters that our region experiences. In many of these disasters you may find yourself without utilities, phone service or the ability for responders to get to you quickly. 

Preparing for disasters is not only important for a major natural disaster, but doing so can also help you during small scale events such as major snow or wind storms where you might find yourself with delayed access to help or without power for extended periods of time. 


In a major disaster you may not have access to supplies. Emergency Management experts recommend at minimum 72 hours of food and water, but due to the risk posed by a major earthquake in Washington State, Washington State Department of Emergency Management recommend keeping at least 2 weeks worth of supplies in your home.

Your kit should include:

  • Food

  • Water

  • Sanitation Supplies

  • Extra Medications

  • Important documents

  • Batteries and Flashlight

For more information from Washington State Department of Emergency Management on how to better prepare for a disaster, click the links below


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